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Traditional NYC-Style Restaurant Reviews Don’t Cut It

Common for men, uncommon for women, now more than ever, more women are venturing out on their own void of the traditional packs of women or only with a date. The Baby Boomer & Gen X women who are 35 and over have hit their stride and are more independent and affluent than any generation of women ever has been. They’re not going to the bars for ladies nights anymore either. They have the inclination, the attitude, and the moxy to go it alone to fine dining venues, and won’t let being alone stop them from enjoying life. Affluent, well-educated single women have become a demographic group that more and more restaurant owners are trying to attract as their spending habits are as much for clothing and cars as for sushi, steak and fine liquor.

The concept

While men have never been adverse to venturing out alone, women have traditionally waited for Room Service if traveling, taken a quiet table in some off beat spot, grabbed a quick bite, waited for their girlfriends, or just didn’t go out. Until recently, many restaurants conveyed almost a sense of pity when a single woman walked in the door. Other establishments have had an almost sense of astonishment at the lady’s bravery. Now, many are offering welcoming atmospheres, communal tables, and letting women know the best nights to visit their engaging establishments, not just to dine on fine entrees, but to relax and meet people.

Until recently, most fine dining or restaurant reviews have been tailored more for where to go with a date or business associate than on the concept of going there as a single. They talk only about the food and little about the atmosphere. These reviews often use the puffery and stuffy references to things such as the aged quality of the steak or the pizzazz of a sauce. Sure, this is very important to a foody, but for affluent single women, most want to know more about the crowd, the friendliness and comfort level of the setting.

The other review category is for bars or nightclubs, which rarely talk about the food but the party that starts late in the evening for a much younger audience. As a larger segment of our population grows older, there’s been a need to cover the blurring of activity that constitutes engaging dining and socializing, and to bridge the gap between the standard restaurant review and that of a nightclub review. In other words, if it is fun to go to a certain establishment, and if so, the specific nights that are most active for singles. Many restaurants have a night that’s often livelier than others where singles feel more welcome than being stuck in a small corner table all alone albeit for a magazine, or worse yet for a woman on business, to order room service due to being alone.

The solutions

To address the gap between restaurant review and bar review, new sources of information are cropping up. Several websites have sections for “single friendly” establishments, lounges, and are designed to specifically target the best restaurants on the best nights of the week. Other regional sites have cropped up as part of traditional newspaper and magazine sites, but it can be hard to really ferret out the information and get “in the know” so to say. If you were to call a restaurant, most will say every night is good in order to get patrons, but we know this just isn’t the case. For a single woman venturing out on your own, nothing is worse than to decide to go out to a fine dining venue and find 40 tables of couples squirreled away quietly talking. Then, to find out from the bartender that last night was the hot night.

At a recent women’s networking function held recently at a Ruth Chris’s on Long Island, one of these sites, ElleEatist got an overwhelming “Finally! What a great idea!” After this one rather small event attended by just 20 women, the site received a spike of interest with several hundred hits alone that night due to pass along readership. It seems that they’ve been waiting for this for several reasons – the site identifies places to go when they travel on business; with precious little free time, they want to know where to go to socialize & when; and lastly, several said it’s a great resource for where to go for first dates or meetings. The sites traffic picks up as the weekend gets closer.

Restaurant Reviews From California

There’s no need to search far in California or New York to locate one of several fine dinning restaurants. For anyone who is seriously interested in locating a fantastic one for supper, whether or not it’s with close friends, family members, or maybe that special someone to you personally.

It could be as challenging as looking for a needle inside a hay-stack at times.

There might be a number of respectable smartphone applications where you can look into restaurants within your neighborhood however they really don’t provide detailed food selection or menus and or photographs. In cases like this, you wouldn’t want just a listing of restaurants, you need a little something a whole lot better.

It is advisable to find ways to get sneak-peeks by means of images, in addition to insightful information and price ranges, and also the different varieties of delicacies that a restaurant features.

Does your special occasion need more thrilling restaurant choices than usual?

It’s quicker to select the ideal family type restaurant, fine-dining restaurant, as well as informal dining destinations whenever you take full advantage of on-line restaurant guides, they can assist you to quickly pick out exactly what you or others are looking for. In many cases, a lot more than the ordinary names and standard specifics. You will get all sorts of bonuses and information on eating place with the proper information such as, kinds of food items these places serve, the typical range of prices for that restaurant, photos in addition to menus.

In case you are to the business side with the restaurant, like an owner or even thinking about opening one in the near future, you are going to have a very distinctive narrative. On the internet cafe and restaurant reviews imply different things in your case and what they necessarily mean to individuals searching for a spot to try to eat. Strategies are for testimonials to be able to paint the eatery within the most optimistic light achievable. You need the bistro cafe or any eating hot spot to be able to capture the interest of people searching for wonderful restaurants within California or anywhere for that matter.

Fundamentally you must always be thinking about appealing to those people who are searching for just what your own eating place is offering, it could be a family type restaurant, or perhaps Ancient Greek, Mexican, Native Indian, or even Chinese eating place. You need to have the ability to give folks discount coupons to enable them to come and find whatever you are offering at a lower price. You need detailed evaluations or positive reviews for any dining establishments within Los Angeles and also the San Francisco Bay-Area, and you will get these whenever you list ones restaurant with the appropriate tutorial, yes, on the internet.

You have to create and keep building a positive reputation for the eatery and make certain that it’s recognized by the general public if you wish the restaurant to flourish. Those who work in the business currently have paid out a whopping price tag while surviving in the past economic downturn.

The end result is, it does not matter if you’re the greatest thing to hit Thai food markets in Brooklyn, if no one has seen you or even that you’re among the best dining places in New York, if nobody is aware where your location is, they are not going to come inside. So, get on the information highway of the world-wide-web and enjoy the ride of good fortune.

Getting Positive Restaurant Reviews

As someone invested in the productivity of your restaurant, you are aware of the impact that a restaurant review can do to your place of business. Food critics will often come disguised and will not announce their presence to the restaurant in hopes of getting a true experience that the restaurant has to offer, rather than one that is catered to and false. Although this can be a great opportunity for many restaurant owners, it can also be nerve-racking to try and get the restaurant to its best condition possible in preparation for such an event.

In addition to cooking great food and having a delicious menu of options, you have to think about the d├ęcor and ambiance of the restaurant. You want patrons to feel comfortable and relaxed in their environment. They should be able to enjoy their surroundings just as much as they enjoy their food. One way you can spruce up any restaurant is with the addition of a fire pit. A fire pit can be used for various type of restaurants, such as hip and trendy too family-friendly or even romantic. This is one thing that the food critic will find appealing about the restaurant and is likely to give a positive effect on their restaurant review of the place.

Fire pits can be used outside in the evenings to create a sociable environment for customers. They can sit in front of the fire pits with their drinks and appetizers, catching up with one another while enjoying the flames. This would get a positive review in a restaurant review because it is a fun and enjoyable way to get people together and it makes patrons want to revisit that location at a later date. It can also be a romantic place to take a date for the evening.

Families enjoy being around fire pits during their meals as well. It gives them an opportunity to eat dinner at a location other than home and the traditional diner. Restaurant reviews look positively on places that have a unique feel to them, yet are still family friendly in nature. It is good for business when your customers like the feel of your restaurant and find it aesthetically pleasing. The use of a fire pit can do both for your food establishment. It is a great way to ensure the undercover food critic will give you a positive restaurant review for the type of environment you are creating.

Restaurant Review Business

Have you ever watched TV programs on people running reviews for various restaurants? This can turn into an online business opportunity!

The Business Idea:

Providing video reviews for restaurants and post them online, along with detailed description from outside the restaurant to inside the restaurant.

The Market:

If you do a search for restaurants in your area, you will probably find websites that are already doing the reviews. However, you will find most of them are not really into the details and they do NOT include video reviews.With the modern technology, bringing a Restaurant Review business from TV to the Internet is easier than ever.


– Large audience: The Internet usage is growing rapidly day by day. More and more people spend time on the Internet more than watching TV.
– Cost-effective: The media medium, with the modern technology, is a lot easy to use. If you have a website built you can easily link videos from YouTube to your website, FREE. And by using YouTube as your video storage place you are also marketing your business with thousands of viewers daily.

Some ideas on how to get started:

1. Build a website, register a catchy domain.
2. Start small. Start with a local city.
3. Find someone who knows how to take videos, and start doing free reviews for 10~30 restaurants
4. Be sure to explain to the restaurants that exposing their business(s) online is essential for the modern world to bring a lot more potential customers to them. And you are only doing a certain amount of free reviews.
5. Once when you have a good amount of quality reviews to add to the website, start building a portfolio on the review services you offer, while starting to market your website on the Internet, targeting the city as audience. You may also want to do some marketing locally in the city depending on your budget.
6. Bring the portfolio with you to new restaurants and offer your services at the cost you desire. (I.e. $50 USD / month for the review to be posted on the website) Explain to them the importance of online exposure and WHY your service is different – You have video reviews! And convince them with the quality of your website, show them the reviews you did previously.
7. One review means a steady amount of income per month for your company. The more reviews you do the more income you will create for your company.
8. Future expansion: This is scalable. Focus on your city first, and then start the same process (steps 1 to 7 as an example) in another city once your first city is steady. City by city and eventually create a large network and strengthen your brand.

Remember, all successful business(s) started with a simple idea. There will be a lot of troubles depending on your environment but the people who succeed are the people who are passionate about what they do and are consistent and committed on what they do.

Restaurant Review – “It is Not Okay”

What to do if you had to write a bad restaurant review?

Say “It is not okay!”

Usually food writers promote healthful products and restaurants that serve heavenly, delicious, and extraordinary food.

Most writers are fond of food.

“You have to say the truth. You always have to tell the truth so the restaurant could improve,” food experts assent. “Taste buds have different preferences, plus your visit is also due good service and a clean kitchen.”

Here are some tips for a restaurant review:

Restaurant reviews have no exact form.

It states restaurant features, name, location (map/how to get there), food price, meal discounts, estimated costs per person, and the various menu.

Appetizers, desserts, beverages, and dishes are enumerated. These will please customers and inform the public.

Restaurant ambiance is also discussed. Is it fine dining? Is it buffet style? Is it a fast food setting? Pictures and posters are distributed for the presentation of food.

An overview of the restaurant’s food specialty is given a highlight with commendations from various people for specific consumers and food lovers.

Restaurant reviews also include a commentary (positive or negative), an essay of appreciation, or a culinary climax in any form.

Sometimes a simple recipe of the menu and its ingredients are given away. Health benefits derived from the food are analyzed and shown by nutritionists.

Here is an experience:

During my first restaurant review of a Japanese Restaurant (Thanks to Cook Magazine); I was really ashamed because I didn’t know how to use the chopsticks. All the press people were using the chopsticks, and I was the only one who asked for a spoon and a fork. But it was cool because I have learned to manage and asked for a fork. From then on, I always used the chopsticks.

I thank Cook Magazine for this. “The restaurant was exquisitely marvelous and sushi was fresh. Everyone loved the menu and it came one at a time served by waiters.”

The personal reactions to both the food and restaurant are important to consumers. Consumers update with food in popular culture.

Overtones of sad and happy experiences give authenticity to restaurant reviews. Detailed analyses of specific outstanding dishes – good and dismal are helpful for everyone since food is part of life and culture.